Oxford Conclave 2019

15-18 Sept. 2019 at Balliol College, University of Oxford

Presidential Leadership and The Changing Enrollment Environment

  • Racial and ethnic minorities now constitute a majority of today’s 18-and-under population in the U.S.  
  • Budget pressures are heightened as families seek to pay less for higher education.
  • New retention risks, including growth in first-generation students and the continuing increase in mental health issues, are impacting undergraduate enrollment at many institutions.   
  • A national decline in international enrollment is impacting U.S. colleges and universities. 

Recent changes and challenges have brought enrollment to the fore as one of the highest priorities for today’s college and university presidents.  The 15th annual Oxford Conclave will focus on these concerns, as each participating president will be joined by a senior executive responsible for enrollment.  Presidents and their chief enrollment officers will meet both separately and together to discuss current issues and ways to get the most from their essential partnership.  Presidential spouses will also participate in sessions focusing on their roles related to student recruitment and retention.

In addition, delegates will meet with the enrollment leaders of the University of Oxford and Balliol College.  We will learn f how the oldest university in the English-speaking world is responding changing student demographics and public attitudes.

This year’s Oxford Conclave will convene at Oxford’s Balliol College from 15 to 18 September, 2019.  The retreat-style experience will include traditional Oxford experiences including Evensong at Christ Church Cathedral, a University tour, and High Tea at the Randolph Hotel, among other activities.

View the tentative program schedule.