2024 Preliminary Program Schedule

Sunday, September 1

3:30 – 5:00 pm   Registration and Check-In at Rhodes House

5:15 pm                Gather at :15 pm at Rhodes House to Walk to Balliol College

5:30 pm                Opening Reception                         Balliol College Fellows Garden

6:30 pm                Welcome & Introductions                   Balliol Old Common Room

7:00 pm                Opening Dinner                                                       Great Hall of Balliol

8:00 pm                Coffee Social                                                             Old Common Room

Monday, September 2

8:00 am                English Breakfast at Rhodes House

9:00 am                Preparing for The Future of Work: Sharing Best Practices
                                 Delegate presentations and discussions 

10:45 am              Tea and Coffee Break                                                       Rhodes House

11:00 am              Delegate presentations and discussions continue

12:00 pm              Lunch                                                                                       Rhodes House

1:00 pm                 Depart from Rhodes House for Oxford Martin School

1:30 pm                Session led by Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey, Assoc. Professor, AI
                                 and Work, and Director of the Future of Work Program,
                                 University of Oxford
                                 Oxford Martin School

3:00 pm                Tour: “Visionary Writers of Oxford”
                                  Gather at front of Rhodes House

5:00 pm                 Break

6:00 pm                 Dinner                                                                                     Rhodes House

Tuesday, September 3

8:00 am                  English Breakfast at  Rhodes House

9:15 am                  Depart from Rhodes House for Oxford Dept. of Education

10:15 am                Session led by Dr. James Robson, Assoc. Professor,
                                   Tertiary Education, and Director of the SKOPE Institute
                                   Oxford University Department of Education

Noon                        Lunch & Traditional Afternoon Tea                       Rhodes House

2:00 pm                   Vocational Discernment for an Uncertain Future
                                    Facilitated discussion among delegates

3:45  pm                  Tea Break and Refreshments

4:00 pm                   Open Dscussion and Final Thoughts     

5:15 pm                   Optional: Depart for Christ Church College

6:00 pm                    Evensong at Christ Church Cathedral                                                         

Dinner on your own

Wednesday, September 4

Boxed breakfast delivered to guest rooms

Delegate Check-Out and Departure